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Year of Birth: 1856

Birthplace: Moscow, Russia

Parents: Deceased – Mother unknown; Father, Lieutenant Fandorin

Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Occupation: Investigator

Did you know?

• Erast Fandorin speaks fluent Russian, French, English, German, and Japanese.

• A Fandorin family trait that skips a generation, and that Erast Petrovich is the beneficiary of – especially in placing bets and playing at sports – is good luck!

• The first dead body Fandorin encountered on the job was that of Krupovna, a merchant’s wife whose throat had been sliced – her head all but severed from the rest of her body. Fandorin reacted squeamishly, and the image of the merchant’s wife haunted him throughout his first assignment in the Criminal Investigation Division of the Moscow Police.



Erast Petrovich Fandorin
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