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1) A person inserts one bullet into a six-chamber revolver, spins the chamber, aims it at himself, and pulls the trigger, gambling with his very life. What casino game is alluded to by this suicide attempt?
Black Jack

2) What type of corset did Fandorin wear, named after a famed poet of the time?
The Lord Byron
The John Keats
The Percy Bysshe Shelley
The Lord Tennyson

3) The tendency to fall in love as the weather warms - as do both Fandorin and Pyotr Kokorin - is known as:
Warming trend
Spring training
Spring fever
Cabin fever

4) What war was Fandorin fighting in the year 1877?
Russo-Turkish War
Crimean War
Russian Civil War
The Cold War

5) The Windsor salon is this kind of place on a ship, used primarily to receive guests. Commissioner Gauche held suspects there each night:

6) One of Boris Akunin's other sleuths made a cameo appearance in this The Death of Achilles. The ginger-haired investigator is:
Sister Pelagia
Bishop Mitrofanii
Boris Akunin
None of the above

7) Besides make-up, name another disguise popular among men that Fandorin used in investigating General Sobolev's murder.
Top hats
Oversized clothing
Fake facial hair

8) Two Fandorin mysteries are included in Special Assignments. They are:
Azazel and Jack of Spades
Azazel and The Decorator
The Decorator and The State Counselor
Jack of Spades and The Decorator

9) A Muscovite hails from what city?
Nova Scotia
St. Petersburg

10) In Special Assignments, Fandorin pretends to work as a ________ to uncover the identity of 'The Decorator,' a serial killer targeting prostitutes.


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